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Vita-Aid™ Summer Pack

Vita-Aid™ Summer Pack


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Vita-Aid™ Summer Pack

Shape up this Summer with Vita-Aid’s™ 7 day Summer Pack!

Your weight management pack includes:

  • Vita-Aid™ Artichoke Accelerator
  • Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider and Green Tea
  • Vita-Aid™ Calorie Burn
  • FREE 7 DAY Meal Plan!

Start losing your belly fat with Vita-Aid™ Summer Pack!

These 3 products used together as directed will assist in the start of your weight-loss program provided they are taken as instructed.

  • Vita-Aid™ Artichoke Accelerator – is a metabolic booster. Detox and get extra energy! Vita-Aid™ Accelerator has been formulated to give your body a kick start in your weight loss journey! All ingredients have been specifically chosen for detoxifying your body, increasing your body’s metabolic rate, raising your energy levels, helping with digestion of carbohydrates and supplying much needed dietary fiber.
  • Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider and Green Tea – known to assist in weight-loss by balancing your sugar levels, lowering your cholesterol and increasing your energy levels. Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider capsules help weight-loss by moderating the insulin response, lowering cholesterol and increasing energy levelsIt is hard to lose or gain weight if your acid level is too high and it takes longer to recover from an illness. The proper balance in the body should be 80% alkalinity to a 20% acid ratio.
  • Vita-Aid™ Calorie Burn – helps to reduce your cravings by balancing your sugar levels, increasing metabolism and your energy levels! Vita-Aid™ Calorie Burn has been formulated as a dietary supplement to assist in a healthy lifestyle. Vita-Aid™ Calorie Burn is formulated with specific herbal ingredients that may support the weight loss process. Fenugreek helps to reduce cravings and has a stabilising effect on blood glucose levels. Green Tea Extract helps to increase thermogenesis and enhances fat oxidation. Gugulipid aids in lowering high cholesterol levels.


This Health Supplement has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.
This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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