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Vita-Aid™ Slimming Bundle


Vita-Aid™ Slimming Bundle


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Vita-Aid™ Slimming Bundle Deal

What is included:

  1. Vita-Aid™ Calorie Burn
  2. Vita-Aid™ Alkaline Plus
  3. Bantee™ Shake (Pick your flavour)
  4. Vita-Aid™ Slimming Tea



To provide an essential aid for a weight-loss programme in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet and moderate physical activity.



An additive effect on weight-loss through appetite suppression, fat breakdown, metabolism and carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


Product info:

Vita-Aid™ Calorie Burn 

Vita-Aid™ Calorie Burn has been formulated as a dietary supplement to assist in a healthy lifestyle.

Vita-Aid™ Calorie Burn is formulated with specific herbal ingredients that may support the weight loss process. 

Fenugreek helps to reduce cravings and has a stabilising effect on blood glucose levels

Green Tea Extract helps to increase thermogenesis and enhances fat oxidation. 

Gugulipid aids in lowering high cholesterol levels.


    • Minimize Cravings
    • Increase Metabolic Rate
    • Reduce Cholesterol Levels
    • Mobilise, Breakdown and Burn Fat


Vita-Aid™ Alkaline +

Vita-Aid™ Alkaline + is a natural solution to the problem of acidity and will assist the body to function and help resist disease. Balance your body chemistry.

Avoid the vicious cycle of acid build-up. Our bodies consist of 60% water. To be healthy, that water needs to be in a slightly alkaline state.

This state is continuously challenged by what we eat and drink e.g. unhealthy foods and drinks. Stress and a lack of exercise promote an acidic state.

While your body has mechanisms to cope with acid, this process exhausts the body.

The more acid your body has to battle, the more energy is needed and the more tired you will feel. Reduce the acid load on your body and you will be surprised by your new-found energy. Like a swimming pool, our bodies need a slightly alkaline pH to sparkle!

It affects virtually every person in our society because of the way we live, the way we eat and the environment we live in. The result is an internal environment where disease can easily manifest as opposed to a pH balanced environment.


    • Reduce Inflammatory Response
    • Increase Rate Of Acid Excretion
    • Increase Blood Flow Rate
    • Alkalinize The Blood
    • Improve Energy Levels


Bantee™ Shake

The Bantee™ Shake has been designed to be used together with an energy controlled eating plan to assist with weight management. One serving of Bantee Shake should help keep you feeling satisfied for 3-4 hours.

What is Trisynex™?

Clinically tested Trisynex™ is a proprietary blend of plant fibers and patented cetylated fatty acids. It helps to regulate the hormones Leptin and Adiponectin, which controls satiety and fat storage. Trisynex™ absorbs glucose and fatty acids.


Vita-Aid™ Slimming Tea

In the heart of the mountains of China lives the Camellia sinensis, a shrub whose steamed and dried leaves have brought us the celebrated Chinese green tea. Our expert tea-makers select only the finest green tea leaves when crafting the Vita-Aid™ Slimming Tea Blend, a warm delight abounding in nutrients and antioxidants.

Natural health specialists have long praised Chinese green tea for its wellness benefits, especially as the catechins, caffeine and amino acid, theanine, contained within the tea promote weight loss.

To create the perfect slimming blend, gymnema sylvestre has been included, a cherished herb found in the depths of the tropical forests of India and Sri Lanka. Not only does it assist in balancing blood sugar levels and reducing sugar cravings, but the plant also supports a healthy pancreas, which promotes the optimal production of insulin.

Native to Indonesia, garcinia cambogia extract is another natural ingredient of our delicious blend. Derived from the peels of the fruit itself, this extract is rich in hydroxycitric acid, an essential acid which assists in blocking the enzyme citrate lyase from converting carbohydrates to fat. The extract is also known to suppress the appetite, by raising serotonin levels, making this a  healthy treat which will keep you looking and feeling great.

Ingredients:  Chinese Green Tea, Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves, Garcinia Cambogia, Astragulus, Multi-Fruit Flavour.

  Helps with:

    • Promotes Weight-loss
    • Suppress Appetite

Additional information

Bantee Flavour

Strawberry Smoothie, Choc Fudge, Vanilla Chai


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