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Vita-Aid™ Energy Tea

Vita-Aid™ Energy Tea


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Vita-Aid™ Energy Tea


In the heart of the mountains of China lives the Camellia sinensis, a shrub whose steamed and dried leaves have brought us the celebrated Chinese green tea. Our expert tea-makers select only the finest green tea leaves when crafting the Vita-Aid™ Energy Tea Blend, a warm delight abounding in nutrients and antioxidants.

Natural health specialists have long praised Chinese green tea for its wellness benefits, especially as the catechins, caffeine and amino acid, theanine, contained within the tea promote weight loss.

We add a little extra to our green tea, blending the very best in black tea leaves, a variant of Camellia sinensis which stimulates the metabolism. Our black tea leaves are dried, hand rolled and crushed, following which they are sun-dried and processed, ultimately giving the tea its characteristic rich flavour and deep colour.

Vita-Aid™ Energy Tea Blend promises to revitalise the body and mind, promoted by the renowned ingredient guarana. Chemically comparable to caffeine, guarana is said to be more effective in its energising power due to its slow-release quality. The result is sustained energy all day long from just one cup.

Ingredients:  Chinese Green Tea, Black Tea, Guarana, Lemon & Mint Natural Flavouring.

Helps to:

  • Improve & Sustain Energy
  • Stimulate Metabolism


Other Vita-Aid™ Tea’s available:

  • Diabetic
  • Calming
  • Detox
  • Slimming
  • High Blood Pressure


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