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Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider Bulk 180’s

Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider Bulk 180’s

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Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider with Green Tea capsules help weight loss by moderating the insulin response, lowering cholesterol and increasing energy levels

It is hard to lose or gain weight if your acid level is too high and it takes longer to recover from an illness. The proper balance in the body should be 80% alkalinity to a 20% acid ratio.


Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider with Green Tea helps reduce acid and helps to balance the alkalinity level of the body.


Take one capsule twice a day, before or after meals.

Special Precautions:

Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Consult your healthcare professional if you are being treated for any other condition or if you are unsure of how to use this product.

The safety of Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider in pregnancy & breastfeeding has not been established. Please consult your healthcare professional.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of reach of children.

Each Capsule contains the following 

**NRV Not Established

This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.  This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nappi Code 718864001

This supplement can be claimed back from certain Medical Aids.

Additional information

Weight 0.1000 kg
Dimensions 15.0000 × 23.0000 × 15.0000 cm

1 review for Vita-Aid™ Apple Cider Bulk 180’s

  1. 5 out of 5

    After two kids my body changed a lot. I gained a lot of weight. At the age of 20 I got pregnant with my daughter. I gained from 49 kg to 64 kg and I didn’t mind being 64 kg. For almost eight years it didn’t bother me to be 64 kg. After I got pregnant at the age of 29 with my son I gained so much that I couldn’t even look at myself in a mirror and the only thing I could see was how big I was. I weighed 79 kg almost 80. I couldn’t even go out somewhere and look people in the eyes. I was so shy for being that big. I went to a clinic and the lady there said that I must try Vita Aid Apple Cider pills. After one week eating right and exercising I lost almost 5 kg only in one week. I was so amazed by losing so much in one week that I started using apple cider every day for five months and I lost from 79 kg to 50 kg. I can now look people in the eyes without feeling fat or even depressed for feeling ugly. My life changed a lot thanks to Vita Aid. I’m full of energy. I couldn’t even face a morning out of bed, but now i’m up early. Thanks vita aid my life changed for the best.

    L. Nel

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