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Boku® Super Shrooms

Boku® Super Shrooms


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Super Shrooms: 20 Specialty Mushroom Blend, Bio-Available Beta-Glucans

Mighty powdered blend of 20 Organic Specialty Mushrooms

  • Used by Chinese, Romans, and Egyptians
  • ULTRA CLEAN – Sustainably grown in the USA
  • Add this VEGAN, ORGANIC & GLUTEN FREE powder to smoothies, applesauce, or use to make tea
  • 45 servings of functional proprietary mushroom blend with bio-available nutrients

Super ‘Shrooms is our secret to feeling radiant and full of life. Comprised of 20 specialty mushrooms, each with unique benefits, use this superfood powder to take it to the next level. Within each thoughtful ingredient lies the power to enliven the body, and to bring forth the vitality you are looking for. There is little Super ‘Shrooms cannot do!

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Weight 0.2700 kg


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