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Boku® Super Fuel

Boku® Super Fuel


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Super Fuel: RE*Cover, RE*Plenish, RE*FUEL, Dr. Formulated Organic Energy

227g (45 servings)

All-organic energy powder

  • Utilizing time-honored super-energy foods and adaptogens
  • Say goodbye to stress and daily weariness by enjoying Super Fuel daily
  • Quickly see how our handpickednourishing ingredients, maca, cordyceps, goji berries, reishi and matcha, not only taste good, but make you feel good too!

Designed to give you that much needed lift without the crash or jitters, Super Fuel only uses plant-based, organic ingredients to kick it up a notch.

Dr. BJ’s favorite  & most time-consuming formula to finish!  Designed specifically for the athlete and discerning clientele in mind, Super Fuel will give you that MIND & BODY lift you are looking for. Composed of rare and extremely effective ingredients, Super Fuel is the result of more than 5 years of research.

Each ingredient offers a multitude of benefits in of itself, making Super Fuel a vitalizing superfood powder.

  • BōKU Super Adaptors
  • Maca Root, Full Spectrum Cordyceps, Goji Berry Juice, Full Spectrum Reishi, Matcha Green Tea
  • Fair Trade Cocoa
  • Fine Vanilla Bean
  • Marshmallow Root

When to take:

Enjoy the rich, creamy chocolatey taste of this BōKU favorite!

  • It’s the perfect way to start the day, or to get over that afternoon energy slump.
  • Super Fuel is an organic and healthy alternative to pre and post workout drinks as well as energy drinks. Giving your body just what it needs, to perform just how you want.
  • Replace your morning coffee with Super Fuel for a better MIND & BODY lift with NO CRASH

How to take:

QUICK & EASY: Just blend one serving (1 tablespoon) with a cup of your plant-based milk of choice, or mix into your favorite smoothie, juice or water.

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