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Vita-Aid™ Bar – Baobar (24s)

Vita-Aid™ Bar – Baobar (24s)


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Vita-Aid™ Baobar is perfect for a snack on the go or as a lunchbox treat! Vita-Aid™ Baobar Fruit Bar contains baobab fruit powder which boosts health and vitality. It is rich in Vitamin C , Vitamin B-complex, calcium and magnesium. The powder serves as an antioxidant and has prebiotic properties.

Vita-Aid™ Baobab Fruit Powder is a natural source of dietary fibers, minerals and organic acids.

Vita-Aid™ Baobar contains VitaFiber™, a prebiotic, low calorie sweetener and  dietatry fiber.

Vita-Aid™ Baobar contains no added sugar.

A superfood from the heart of  Africa.

Vita-Aid™ Baobar is made from Dried Pear, Date Paste, Dried Apricots, Baobab Fruit Powder and vita fiber.

Available in a pack size of 24 bars.

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Weight 1.0000 kg
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