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Bantee™ Keto Bars – Cappuccino (24s)

Bantee™ Keto Bars – Cappuccino (24s)


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  • The Bantee-Keto Bar tastes delicious, with clinically tested Trisynex™, Bioenergy Ribose® and VitaFiber™.
  • Bioenergy Ribose® is a natural, functional ingredient that delivers a unique way to restore and sustain energy at the cellular level. Our patented and clinically-proven ingredient also supports heart health, helps maintain healthy blood flow and circulation, delivers faster recovery (pre- and post-workout) and promotes healthy mitochondrial structure.
  • Bantee-Keto bars also contains a Pre-Biotic, VitaFiber™ which also acts as a low calorie sweetener and dietary fibre.

For a snack on the go!


What Exactly is Ketosis?

For those of you who can remember biology from your school days, you might recall
that the body is fuelled by glucose. Generally, carbohydrates are our primary source
of glucose, where foods such as bread and fruit are converted into glucose, either
immediately or as required by the body, providing us with the energy we need to
keep up our bodily functions. Yet, the body has a back-up plan should carbohydrates
be unavailable, and this alternate source of energy is our fat reserves. Fat stores can
be broken down by the liver, giving us the energy, we need to keep going just as
long and just as strong! Ultimately, this process in the liver results in the production
of ketones, which provide us with a substitute source of energy. The bottom line is
that ketosis is a metabolic state where the body uses fat reserves instead of glucose
from carbohydrates as the primary method by which to keep us fuelled.

Weight Loss and Ketogenesis.

It is simple enough to keep your body in a ketogenic state – merely cut out
carbohydrates and sugars. Foods such as processed snacks and sugar-filled drinks
have got to go, but so should carbs like bread and pasta. The result is that the body
enters a fat-burning metabolic state, sustained by a low carbohydrate, high fat and
moderate protein diet. If you’re concerned about being hungry without those carbs,
don’t be. A high fat diet allows for more than enough calories to keep you going,
while munching on good proteins, such as grass-fed beef and fish, as well as those
nutritious greens, gives you the energy you need to keep moving all day long!
Certainly, your body will be fuelled up, but this source of energy will no longer be
glucose, due to the low consumption of carbohydrates and sugars.

Rather, your body, as we have mentioned, will be burning fat as an alternate source of fuel,
meaning that you’ll be feeling good and looking great, as the kilograms start to shed.
There’s no two ways about it – the keto diet is bound to get you losing those pounds!
Remember, maintaining a state of ketosis relies upon keeping up a healthy diet. As
soon as those processed snacks or sugary treats start passing your lips, the scale
will tell the story!

By this stage, you might be wondering just how quickly you can get your body into a
state of ketosis. The answer is simple – right away! An easy way to kick start ketosis
is by fasting. Certainly, we are not advocating any form of starvation, but there is
nothing wrong with a responsible, short-lived period of fasting. Early human beings
did not eat as we do today, merely opening the fridge whenever they felt a mild pang
of hunger. Rather, there were times of famine, when food was scarce, and times of
feast, when the hunters and gatherers brought in the goods. As a result, fasting was
a common occurrence and so our bodies are coded to run on ketones – our fuel
during times of fasting. Regardless of whether you feel that you could commit to
periods of temporary fasting, ketosis can still be achieved by simply cutting out those
carbs. Weight loss is a guarantee, as is feeling fantastic as you say no to those junk

The Benefits of Ketosis.

While maintaining a ketogenic state helps trim that waist line, it also has a number of
other remarkable health benefits. Reduced inflammation, improved energy levels,
mental clarity, regulated metabolism and blood sugar levels, fewer cravings and
hormone regulation are just some of the health benefits which you can expect from
the keto diet.

For those suffering from epilepsy, ketosis has been linked to a
reduction in seizures, while those with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and

diabetes have seen radical health improvements when switching to this low carb
diet. If you’re an athlete, the ketogenic lifestyle offers a fantastic alternative to a high
carb, high protein diet. Ketones are an excellent source of fuel for the heart and
keeping your body in ketosis has been proven to improve mental performance
dramatically. As a result, the ketogenic state is ideal for serious athletes, who need
their bodies to be in peak physical and mental condition.
Remember, switching to a ketogenic lifestyle is not just about throwing those carbs in
the bin.

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