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KETO LIFE™ Coffee & Tea Creamer with Coconut oil

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Jumpstart your day with a delicious and satisfying coffee & tea creamer, derived from coconut oil. KETO LIFE™ Coffee & Tea creamer is rich, creamy and full of high quality fats. Ideal to be added to your bulletproof coffee.

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KETO LIFE™ Trimfit 120s

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Clinically tested Trimfit is a proprietary blend of plant fibers and patented cetylated fatty acids. It helps to regulate the hormones leptin and adiponectin, which controls satiety and fat storage. A clinical study at the University of Connecticut (USA) and peer reviewed in the journal of Endymology of Europe, proves weight loss of up to 1.1 kg per week.

KETO LIFE™ Trimfit helps to absorb glucose and fatty acids and suitable when following a ketogenic lifestyle.

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KETO LIFE™ MCT Powder 200g

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• Increase energy levels
• Reduce appetite and cravings
• Enhance mental focus
• Promote ketone production
• Derived from Coconut oil

As a dietary supplement, MCT Powder can be added to hot or cold beverages or mixed in baking recipes for ease of use

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KETO LIFE™ ThermoShape 200ml

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• Effectively Shapes Body Contours
• Contains Clinically Proven Dragon’s Blood Extract
• Helps Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

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