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About Us

Vita-Aid™ helping you live healthier!

Vita-Aid has been established since 2005 supplying specifically formulated products made from herbal and natural ingredients.We pride ourselves in ensuring that every product is formulated together with doctors and pharmacists who ensure that we produce products with the right amount of ingredients which will produce the results that you desire.

When choosing Vita-Aid products you can be sure that you will obtain the results we claim. Each of our products is specifically designed to meet your needs and to help you live healthier.

Please send us your experience on any of the Vita-Aid products which you are currently using or have used.

Formulator Of Vita-Aid™

Dr Frank Muller is a medical doctor and a pharmacologist with extensive research experience and a number of peer-reviewed publications behind his name. He is a specialist in formulating effective and therapeutic natural remedies. He is the designer of the successful Herbex range, as well as numerous other products. Dr Muller is listed in “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century” as well as “Who’s Who in the World”. He writes for the SA Journal of Natural Medicine and other popular health magazines. He has been a guest lecturer in Community Health at the University of Stellenbosch since 2005. Dr Muller is the founder and CEO of Integrow Health (Pty) Ltd, a 12 year-old online wellness company. Dr Muller is the adviser and formulator for all new Vita-Aid lifestyle and slimming products.



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