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Health Q&A

Alkaline + FAQ

Why must I take Vita-Aid™ Alkaline +?

To help you to be healthier by removing the acid in your body.

I am healthy so why do I need it?

By improving your pH level to get to 7.45 you will feel you have more energy and generally feel better.

How can I find out my pH level?

You can test your pH level, with a pH level test strip, available at all leading pharmacies. Your pH level will be available immediately, once you do the test.

Can I take Vita-Aid™ Alkaline + if I am on medication?

Yes as there is nothing in Vita-Aid™ Alkaline + that would cause harm with your medication.

Does Vita-Aid™ Alkaline + help with Osteoporosis?

Yes because when your body is in an acidic state the body begins to leech the calcium off your bones to compensate for the acidity. Vita-Aid™ Alkaline + helps you to stop this process by improving the alkalinity in your body and therefore preventing the loss of calcium on your bones.

Has Vita-Aid™ Alkaline + been tested?

Vita-Aid™ Alkaline + has been formulated by Doctor Frank Muller who has tested the product on his patients for at least 4 years. Vita-Aid™ Alkaline + is currently undergoing a Clinical Trial to substantiate all our claims.

How many pills a day should I take for best results?

Take three pills three times a day or three at once, if you weigh above 90kg then you should double the dosage (take two pills three time a day or six pills at once).

Vita-Aid™ Sugar Balance

What is Vita-Aid™ Sugar Balance?

Sugar Balance is a product made from Natural ingredients which are combined to help with regulating your sugar levels.

What should the dosage be per Day?

If you weigh less than 100 kilos you should take two tablets twice a day morning and night with a glass of water. If you are over 100 kilos you should increase your dosage to 4 tablets twice a day.

Who should take Vita-Aid™ Sugar Balance?

Vita-Aid™ Sugar Balance is designed for people who are diabetic, borderline diabetics and Overweight. Pre-Diabetic – Enhanced sensitivity to insulin, lower glucose levels in the blood. Diabetes- Reduced ketones, reduced lethargy and improved quality of life. Obesity- Enhances weight loss by reducing food cravings and improve sugar metabolism.

Can I take Vita-Aid™ Sugar Balance if I am on Diabetic Medication?

YES you can. You need to monitor yourself when doing so as you will experience that you need less medication and its important that you monitor this constantly.

Is there any specific diet I should follow with Vita-Aid™ Sugar Balance?

It is recommended that you follow a low-kilojoule restricted diet as recommended by your doctor especially if you are diabetic.


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